Md. J. Nayem

Front-End Developer

Hometown: Pabna, Rajshahi.

Hobbies: Playing & watching sports & documentaries, hanging out with friends

Birthday: May 25th

Nayem completed his Bachelor in Software Engineering from Daffodil International University and currently working as a Front-End Developer. He is also managing the ticket system.

He is very hard-working and dedicated. His leadership, communication and interpersonal skills led him to win the "Team Member of the Year - Best Communicator 2021" award from Central Station Marketing, and the "The Bridge and Availibilty" award from American Best IT Ltd.

He is highly competitive and always trying to improve. He's got an eye for detail and tries to think from a different perspective. He doesn't want to be recognized as a trainer/teacher, rather he tries to share his knowledge and learn with his fellow team members.

Nayem was born in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, and living there ever since. He is energetic, passionate, optimistic, fun-loving, friendly. He loves to play games but he's crazy for Cricket.

"We all need a little support in our life. If I give a supporting hand to someone today, maybe that someone will support someone else someday."
- Md. J. Nayem

Md. J. Nayem, Front-End Developer
Md. J. Nayem, Front-End Developer