Tanjida Akhter

SEO Content Writer- Technical

Hometown: Brahmanbaria

Hobbies: Traveling, Movies, Music, Reading Books, Fitness

SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t one of those jobs that you leave at the office every night. It stays with you in your brain. To truly be great at SEO these days you have to have the internal drive that forces you to keep learning. Whether it’s a new programming language, a new framework (WordPress, react, angular, etc.), a new search engine standard like schema, or understanding machine learning, there’s always something new to learn.

I am Tanjida, who is always ready to learn and grow. I am a critical thinker with strong speaking and writing ability, because SEO requires not only confidence but the ability to distill complex ideas and thoughts down into concepts that non-SEO people can understand and make decisions with.

I believe a sense of humor goes a long way toward making our jobs a lot more enjoyable and productive. Motivation and adaptability are also my strong attributes.

✔Basic html and CSS, Microsoft Office, google search console, google analytics.
✔Internal and external link building
✔On-page and off-page optimization
✔Strong content writing, research, communication and analytical skills