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Domain and Cloud Hosting Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Need a registered domain and hosting for your website? American Best IT, a registered domain and hosting provider in Bangladesh offers affordable services for all websites. Our technical experts use unique and effective digital methods to create an individual domain and web hosting specifically for your website. Our tech-savvy approach blended with creativity has established us as one of the leading domain and hosting providers in Bangladesh.

Why Does Your Website Need Domain and Hosting?

Online communication has become stronger than ever these days. And to connect with your target audience, a website is the most effective way. Your website needs a domain name to be remembered by your customers.

A registered domain is always more effective to build a successful website. Finding the perfect domain means the battle is half done! Whereas hosting your site will help others find your site. It will give the perfect finish to initiate your website's journey!

Why Choose Us for Your Business Domain and Hosting Service (US Server)?

Server Uptime Guarantee

Your website should be available to audiences day and night without any interruption. We will make sure your website is visible whenever anyone types its name online.

Varied Hosting Plan

We have various plans like Shared, WordPress, VPS, etc. depending on your requirements and budget. You can choose whichever is the most suitable one for you. And we will provide you the best one.

Speed & Bandwidth

We only use the latest technology to maintain our high-quality server's bandwidth and speed. This will help to load your site instantly and automatically boost your traffic. You can always upgrade your plan with time.


We will make sure to keep your and your target audience’s information safe using SSL certificates, firewall protection, etc. We also provide an auto backup tool in case something goes wrong.


We provide you a control panel also known as cPanel, so you can change your hosting server setups. You can manage your database, backup settings, email accounts, etc. from any computer using it.

24/7 Availability

You will need professional support in case of an emergency or any regular upgrade regarding your website hosting. We are available for you around the clock to assist you whenever you need us.

How do We work?

Create Domain for Your Business

Our first step is to create an authentic domain name for your business. Then proceed to the web hosting.

Start Working on Your Selected Plan

After you choose the most suitable hosting plan for your website, we will start working based on your requirements.

Create an Ip Address for Your Site

We will create an IP address for your website, by which people can always find your site.

Prepare a Backup

We will create a backup for your files so if any incidents occur, you can always restore them again.

Migrating Your Website

Once the crucial works are done, we will set up or move your website to the server and you can start running it almost instantly.

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Services We Offer:

  • Images optimization using premium industry-recognized plugins. For a more profound level of optimization, we will provide a manual service option.
  • Optimize PHP code with our expert developers. We understand what a website needs and what it does not require.
  • Optimize HTML and CSS code through the minimization tool, and we will get rid of the clashing design pattern from the HTML and CSS files to make the page load faster.
  • Optimization of javascript files. Javascript files take a very long time to load, so our team will make sure that the webpage is loaded first, then the javascript properties.
  • We are setting up the loading of files in CDN and on Page Search Engine Optimization to improve the loading time and rank you in search engines.