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Website Optimization Services in Bangladesh

Website optimization is crucial for any business or company website. To give the maximum positive experience to your audience, you need to optimize it. If your website is slow, web surfers won’t think twice before switching to another site.

You need your website to load faster than your competitors, that’s how you add revenue to your business. And no agency does it better than the American Best It limited. Get in touch with us to get your website optimized by professionals.

Why Choose Us For Your Optimization Project?

Industry Specialist Driven Team

We have the senior-most developers in our design and developing team. Our developers have been optimizing websites for an extended period. Given on any category website, our team can optimize it with professionalism.

Lowest Page Load Time Confirmation

If your website is slow, it will give the users an awful experience. We came to know that slow websites cannot produce enough potential customers in the industry. It is an essential element for all eCommerce and business websites. Our team will minimize the extra code with efficiency and install optimization plugins. We will ensure your web page to load within two or three seconds.

Best Services

We will monitor your website for a duration of time, and if we find any lacking during the monitor phase, we will fix it without any charges. Our on-page optimization will help your website to reach a higher ranking. Our website optimization service will improve the usability and credibility of your website.

What Our Optimization Service Will Do For You?

Increase the Speed of the Website

Boost the speed of your web pages and pace up website backend systems to maintain a higher service and visibility.

Increase Conversion Rates

Maximize your website’s conversion rate and accelerate its ability to generate more leads and sales, leading to increased revenue.

Optimization Will Boost the Ranking

Improve your web site’s search engine and attain a higher ranking through our optimization teams.

Services We’re Offering:

  • Images optimization using premium industry-recognized plugins. For a more profound level optimization, we will provide a manual service option.
  • Optimize PHP code by our expert developers. We understand what a website needs and what it does not require.
  • Optimize HTML and CSS code through the minimization tool, and we will get rid of the clashing design pattern from the HTML and CSS files to make the page load faster.
  • Optimization of javascript files. Javascript files take a very long time to load, so our team will make sure that the webpage is loaded first, then the javascript properties.
  • We are setting up the loading of files in CDN and on Page Search Engine Optimization to improve the loading time and rank you in search engines.

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