Zakaria Mohammad

CEO & Co-Founder

Hometown: Dhaka

Certifications: PGDSDM, PGDIT, MCP, MCTS, MA, Kamil

Hobbies: Business Analysis, Social Work, Traveling, Reading Books, Hiking, & Swimming


CEO & Co-Founder @ American Best IT Limited.

Digital Transformation Specialist in Bangladesh

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Are you looking for a truly result making Digital Transformation Specialist in Bangladesh? - Asking for someone who can transform your business in the digital world?

"Mohammad Zakaria ( Digital Marketer | Business Analyst, Web, SEO, Social Media, Brand, Lead Generation Specialist, UX Architect Bangladesh ) can help you digitize your main business features through software and technology.

Internet Marketer & Lead Generation Expert in Dhaka

He is a passionate digital marketing specialist who truly knows how to research, analyze & create business performance through the perfect available web-mobile applications & understand the benefits of modern technologies. He has 12+ years of experience in software & advertisement industries and he is very experienced in creating user-friendly & result oriented online-digital presence for your brand/company, products (goods or services).

Online Branding Professional

He knows very well how to create an online brand, generate more traffic on your website, more leads more sales using his top-level expertise on:

  • Digital Marketing✔️
  • Email Marketing✔️
  • SMM✔️
  • SEO✔️
  • Local SEO - Advance SEO✔️
  • Lead Generation✔️
  • Directory Listing✔️
  • Web Research✔️
  • Web Analytics✔️
  • PPC✔️
  • Online Advertising ✔️
  • Social Media Marketing✔️
  • Social Video Marketing✔️
  • Digital Public Relations.✔️

Zakaria Can Help You Business in the Following Ways:

  • » Optimization of business processes.
  • » Performance improvement and saving productive time, optimize the control and analysis of management decisions there in the long term, reduced costs for the company.
  • » Company profitability analysis
  • » Improve decision-making process within the company.
  • » Assist in the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business entity.
  • » Design client-specific dashboards based upon business needs and KPIs.
  • » Assess existing client reports and propose recommendations to improve insight development and drive efficiencies in data management.
  • » Formulate local or regional SEO recommendations. Identifies keywords. Provides guidance to design and development teams to search engine optimized websites for search.
  • » Creating a well-written SRS (software requirements specification) for your software project.
  • » Monitor the latest web analytics and CRM trends.
  • » Assess the existing site tagging structure and provide recommendations to improve tagging.
  • » Work closely with technical and QA teams to ensure all appropriate site actions are tracked.
  • » Create a very powerful digital marketing strategy.
  • » Create a nationwide sales & marketing program.
  • » Generate more traffic to the Website.
  • » Generate more Leads for your Business.

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Zakaria Mohammad, CEO & Co-Founder
Zakaria Mohammad, CEO & Co-Founder
Dhaka University's 46th Convocation - 2012
Dhaka University's 46th Convocation - 2012
National Hackathon 2014 | Winner Team
National Hackathon 2014 | Winner Team