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American Best IT Ltd. provides an original and innovative content development service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have a team of expert content developers who can transform complex ideas into simple words so that everyone can understand. Our content compels your target audience within a few seconds of their visit to the website to stay for a longer period of time. From our experience, we know exactly what the visitors want.

Creative Image, Video & Copy Content Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Creative Content Development

Our experienced content development team has worked on various online content development projects. We help our clients to increase search engine visibility and better ROI of their website.

Our contents engage the audience with the service that compels them to buy. Innovative and creative content that we develop provides the exact information that your customers want to know.

Why Take Our Content Development Services?

Fresh and Unique Content

We provide you with original and fresh content here. Our 100% unique content easily passes the CopyScape test every time. These contents improve your website’s traffic and produce new leads.

SEO Friendly Content

Our content is very SEO friendly that helps your website to rank better. Anything we write is supervised by our SEO experts. That's why they are not only user-friendly but also SEO-friendly.

Manage Organic Links

Our content is good enough to qualify as link-bait content. It attracts organic links from other websites. We manage these links which are more valued by search engines as they appear natural.

Converts Visitors Into Customers

Good content attracts visitors and creates interest in your products. It can really make them want to click on that for a call to action. Our exclusive content converts visitors into customers.

ROI Focused Content

Our contents provide the exact information that a potential customer wants to know. They are free of irrelevant stuff. We focus on the increased ROI of our content that attracts the target audience.

High Skilled Content Developers

We have an experienced team of content developers. They deliver original and viral content with their creative skills in creating content. Their works are always satisfactory to our clients.

How We Work?

  • Analyze Your Business
  • Study Your Target Customers
  • Set Priority for the Project
  • Prepare a Plan for the Content Development
  • Discussion With You
  • Evaluation by the Team
  • Finish the Content and Deliver to You

Frequently Asked Question About Creative Content Development

Give me a little understanding of digital marketing?
Digital marketing is nothing but a collective effort of business development, marketing, and technology team in an organization that utilizes all the possible digital media channels, devices as well as internet and online-based marketing funnels to communicate with prospecting audiences.
Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing
  • Better at understanding return on investment ROI
  • The most measurable form of marketing
  • Fully adjustable with given budget
  • Digital marketing increase brand awareness
  • Allows to target right customers
  • Improves your conversion rate
  • Global reach
What are the common categories of digital marketing?
Now a days, there are so many ways to do digital marketing, but in general; we can call the following main categories as digital marketing types: • Search Engine Optimization, • Search Engine Marketing (PPC), • Affiliate Marketing • Social Media Marketing, • Content (Copy, Audio, Video) Marketing, • Email Marketing, • Mobile Marketing, • Marketing Analytics.
What exactly does a digital marketer do?
In broad term, any digital marketer takes care of digital communications with customers using the website, social media channels to generate leads and build brand awareness.
Can i do my own digital marketing?
Definitely Yes! Before starting you have to learn digital marketing first. Then you can start creating a solid digital strategy for your business. There are many online courses nowadays, where you'll get some nice digital marketing courses. But the answer is, you have to do some solid R&D as well to get results.
Working with Agency Vs. Hiring in house?
In house professionals vs hiring digital agency is a matter of dispute. Both have pros and cons.
Digital marketing agencies have solid expertise on the following: skilled, industry insights, outsider perspective, and scalable at services. On the other Going In House has deeper understanding about the business, team, mission and they are very much focused on the marketing goal.
Is internet marketing costly?
Digital marketing costs vary based on the business goal you have. All the given pricing and budget should be given following the size of your company and the scale of your sale target. We can give you an average cost idea of the integrated digital marketing budget for small and medium-scale businesses ranges from BDT 10,000.00 to BDT 120,000.00 per month.
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