Digital Marketing Agency for Restaurant Business in Bangladesh

The restaurant business is constantly changing and evolving. But one thing has remained constant over the last few years: diners turn to the web to help them choose where to eat.

iEatery is a Complete Restaurant EcoSystem: We are one of a kind and the Fastest Growing Restaurant EcoSystem that has ever excited

It enables your customer to digitally browse your food menu, place orders in the shopping cart and pay online, all on your restaurants’ very own website. An easy way to ensure convenience for just one flat rate a month.

We offer an online food ordering system along with a reservation application (we call id iEatery) to grow your business through increased sales and repeat business, by offering easy online ordering.

Benefits of Having Your Own Branded Restaurant Website

  • We provide you with a complete E-Commerce website, customized specifically for your restaurant!
  • Our dedicated iEatery team prides itself in taking the responsibility of a well-optimized, powerful, and eye-catching website that does what you need it to do to support & grow your business.
  • We help you to develop your Marketing & Sales strategy to increase your customer base by strengthening word-of-mouth referrals with an interesting, interactive, and colorful website for your restaurant.
  • The iEatery team is happy to help you find success, on your restaurant journey, whether you are launching a new business or living your dream
  • Whether you are looking to bring in new customers, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, the iEatery team will work with your values and vision, to help build your brand to maximize your opportunities for business, creating a unique character for your business which speaks directly to your customers. We help your restaurant get discovered by new local prospects precisely when they are searching for the culinary experience that you offer.
  • Your dedicated iEatery team, assures you a rewarding and valuable experience on your business journey with us. How are we unique? We appreciate the passion of food lovers, and the value they bring to your business. At iEatery, our core values are all about your food, your restaurant, and loyal customers, thus building a strong bond between you and your clientele.
  • Here’s what we offer. You can customize the design of your website in a new way or keep the existing template with a state-of-the-art menu management system. We provide you with an online ordering system to increase your sales and bond with your customers. And, we assure you that no order will be missed.
  • Your whole iEatery package comes with a very fast & easy setup process, and we'll help you every step of the way.

Are you doing everything you can to make sure:

  • Your restaurant is easily found online?
  • Potential customers like what they see when they do find you online?

Grow your business with ABIT!

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iEatery: A Complete Restaurant Ecosystem by American Best IT Limited (ABIT)

iEatery is a wholesome Restaurant EcoSystem created by ABIT. It helps your customers to virtually go through the menu to select food, order, and pay online just by visiting your restaurant website.

This time-saving process also consists of an 'Order your food online' system with a reservations application feature. This package will improve your sales and marketing methods for just one flat rate a month!

Why Choose Us?

Boost Your Sales and Marketing

Our responsibility doesn't just end with completing the website. We research and analyze to figure out effective and lucrative marketing strategies for attracting your customers. So they keep coming back for your service.

Talented Team

Our talented website designers continuously work to make the perfect E-commerce website based on your requirements. And our marketing team works to make your venture a successful one with a strategic approach.


Our aim is to make your restaurant business into a distinct yet striking one among many others. We use our own unique process and updated tools to create the best virtual layout specifically for your dream restaurant.

Customized Service

Our creative team makes the initial site map based on the information you provide us. But your approval is the utmost priority for the final projection. You can always change the details according to your preferences.

Continuous Assistance

Marketing automation is a steady process. It keeps changing on a regular basis. We constantly update and upgrade your website based on the latest market trend to improve your ROI.

Easy Online Application

Our online iEatery application is the easy and fastest method for your customers to instantly view your menu and offers. This app will process the payment and transfer the revenue directly to your account.

How We Work

Step 1: Create Your iEatery Team

We will make an iEatery team exclusively for your restaurant.

Step 2: Analyze Your Business

Our experts will run a thorough research on your business to understand the special features.

Step 3: Analyze Your Target Customers

Our next step is to study your target customers carefully. This will help us to know their specific appetite.

Step 4: Plan for Marketing Automation

Our designers and marketers will start making an initial scheme for the marketing and automation process.

Step 5: Discussion With You

Throughout the process, we will consult and discuss your needs and suggestions for the best outcome.

Step 6: Set Up and Run Your iEatery

Analyzing all the available data regarding your business and marketplace, our email specialists will make the final scheme.

Step 7: Team Appraisal

As it is a continuous process, your iEatery team will guide you on how to set up and run your iEatery website.

Step 8: Project Handover

Once our experts pass the final outcome, we will hand over your project and soon you can start the email campaign with us.