E-commerce Module

E-commerce Module.

E-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers over the Internet and through other electronic media. This might include procuring goods and services, dealing with customers as well as selling products.

What are the main features of e-commerce website?

In every types of business, e-commerce website has 7 unique features, such as the Ubiquity, Global Reach, Universal Standards, Richness, Interactivity, Information Density, and Personalization.

Features of a Mind-Blowing Online shopping

  • Usability of the website.
    • Site Speed.
    • Mobile Friendly.
  • Related Products or Items.
  • Variety of Payment Getaways.
  • Good User Reviews.
  • High-Resolution Photo and/or Video.
  • Security Features.
  • Optimized SEO.
  • Social Media Integration.
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