Don't Earn a Certificate, Learn Professional Digital Marketing

Professional Digital Marketing Training Course in Dhaka

In this professional digital marketing certification course, you will achieve the practical knowledge you need to be a full-time digital marketing professional.

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Professional Digital Marketing Training

Designed with Job Seeker, Online Business Owner, Marketing People - Student - & Entrepreneur in Mind

ABIT has designed this Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course, mainly for those people who lost their job in this pandemic situation, who are already working in the sales and marketing department in any organization, and also graduates who are seeking job in the digital world.

During the course running period, we'll give you a real environment to learn digital marketing practically, business strategy, a2z of website design and development knowledge, search engine optimization (SEO) tools and technics, display advertisement in different channels or social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube marketing and management, google analytics, OTT platform, video marketing and more.

Elements of the Course:

  • Understanding Business ✔
  • Digital Marketing Strategy ✔
  • Design Thinking Process ✔
  • Create a Brand Style Guide ✔
  • Domain & Hosting Plan ✔
  • Website Design, Development ✔
  • Content Writing for Website ✔
  • Marketing Content Creation ✔
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO ✔
  • Business Keyword Research and Planning ✔
  • Understanding Media, Device & Technology ✔
  • Components of Digital Marketing ✔
  • Social Media Marketing ✔
  • Social Media Management ✔
  • Facebook Marketing ✔
  • Facebook Pixel & Retargeting ✔
  • Linkedin Marketing ✔
  • Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Marketing ✔
  • Unified Advertising and Analytics ✔
  • Google Algorithms ✔
  • Google Adwords ✔
  • Google Analytics ✔
  • Email Marketing ✔
  • Call Center Services ✔
  • Mobile & SMS Marketing ✔
  • Functional CRM ✔
  • Quality Lead Generation ✔
  • Affiliate Marketing for Local Business ✔
  • Freelance Guidelines - Fiverr, Upwork
Professional Digital Marketing Certification

Key Course Trainer - Faculty

Course Duration

The duration of the professional digital marketing certification course is approximately 6 – 8 months which comes down to 8 hours per week.

Key Highlights of the Course

  • 72+ Hours Live Class
  • 6 Practical Exam
  • 40% cashback for Successful Completion of the Course
  • 4 Successful Website Project
  • 2 Live Project (Website, Content, SEO, Social Media)
  • 1 Paid Advertisement
  • Internship Opportunity for Qualified Candidate
  • Job Placement Assessment
  • And More...
Key Highlights of the Course

Why you enroll the Course?

  • Learn Digital Marketing
  • RUN & GROW your own business
  • Manage marketing team for better productivity
  • GET a better job in the digital marketing industry
  • HELP your client increase their sales
  • EARN as a freelancer
Why you enroll the digital marketing Course

Eligibility Criteria for Professional Digital Marketing Certification with ABIT Academy

  • Startups ✔
  • Entrepreneurs ✔
  • eCommerce Owner ✔
  • Online Store Manager ✔
  • Marketing Professionals ✔
  • Business Faculty Students ✔
  • Digital Marketing Job Seekers ✔
  • Anybody willing to Learn Digital ✔
  • Who wants to start a Online Business ✔
  • Branding / Sales / Marketing Executives ✔
  • Freelancer (who wants to build a career in digital marketing) ✔
Eligibility Criteria for ABIT Academy
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Key Customer Queries

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

How Can I Become the Best Digital Marketer?

Becoming the market best digital marketer is not as easy as you said. There are few ways to follow to become a good digital marketer. 1. Earn Certificate, Learn Digital Marketing. 2. Learn everyday from the industry leaders, brands and entrepreneurs. 3. Connect with Like-Minded People. 4. Find a Digital Marketing job in a full service digital marketing agency. 5. Stay tuned, Stay Up to Date with Trends and technology.

Give me a little understanding of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is nothing but a collective effort of business development, marketing, and technology team in an organization that utilizes all the possible digital media channels, devices as well as internet and online-based marketing funnels to communicate with prospecting audiences.

Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing

  • Cheaper than traditional marketing
  • Better at the understanding return on investment ROI
  • The most measurable form of marketing
  • Fully adjustable with a given budget
  • Digital marketing increases brand awareness
  • Allows to target right customers
  • Improves your conversion rate
  • Global reach

What are the common categories of digital marketing?

Nowadays, there are so many ways to do digital marketing, but in general; we can call the following main categories as digital marketing types: • Search Engine Optimization, • Search Engine Marketing (PPC), • Affiliate Marketing • Social Media Marketing, • Content (Copy, Audio, Video) Marketing, • Email Marketing, • Mobile Marketing, • Marketing Analytics.

What exactly does a digital marketer do?

In broad terms, any digital marketer takes care of digital communications with customers using the website, social media channels to generate leads and build brand awareness.

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