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American Best IT Limited has a team with great experience providing you with Search Engine Marketing in Bangladesh. There is no doubt that we are one of the best SEM service provider companies in Bangladesh. Over the years we’re showing our passion towards the digital industry and successfully enhanced our reputation.

SEM for Digitalized Business to Get Recognition

Search Engine Marketing also referred to as SEM helps to promote your website through advertisement in search engines. Search Engine Marketing is strictly paid ads on search engine results pages also referred to as the SRPs and you will see that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the same as SEM.

Search Engine Marketing Involves you paying for ads, paying for placements on search engine results pages. Where in a search engine optimization you are looking for organic traffic, In SEM you are paying for that traffic, so anytime you are targeting keywords in a search engine and your ads show up in that search engine marketing ads that you see show up on google, on bing, or other search engines.

Our SEM Services

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important activity in Search Engine Marketing. Targeting the right keywords for search engine marketing will help you gain success. Our Keyword Research experts will do it the right way.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis is one of the key factors in Search Engine Marketing. We have a team of market analysis experts who will come up with thorough analysis of the market. Contact us for extensive market analysis.

Search Ads Design:

We design search ads with optimized content. Planning an ad campaign is really a strategic activity. It involves expertise and creativity. Let us design your ad campaign for optimal success.

Campaign Management

The core stage in Search Engine Marketing is Campaign Management. Running a campaign by following the best practices ensures more success of the campaign. We use the tools with high effectiveness while managing your campaign.

Evaluation and Reporting

At the end of every campaign, we come up with evaluation and reporting. We evaluate all the efforts involved in search engine marketing and provide you with insights. These insights help to do better in future efforts.

We Do All You Needs

  • Ad content
  • Title, description, and image
  • Page format
  • Arrange category
  • Site mapping
  • URL Structuring
  • Generate Internal/inbound links
  • Keyword research
  • Tag
  • Landing page

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