Smart Call Tracking Service in Bangladesh

American Best IT Limited offers a simple and user-friendly call tracking service in Bangladesh. Our inbound and outbound call tracking service provides you the insights of the keywords profitable for your website. We bring all the calls under smoother management to save your money and time. Our system will let you know about the ads that produce the best and maximum leads. You can keep track of customers that increase the conversion of leads to sales.

Why Take Our Call Tracking Service

Simple Call Tracking Service

We have an experienced team of call tracking service managers who have worked on various call tracking projects. Our call tracking service is strong, easy to use and trustworthy. We’ll help you determine which marketing channels are generating leads for your business and create an effective marketing strategy accordingly.

Provide Accurate Data

We provide you with accurate data from which you can know the insights about the callers. You can know what inspired them to make the call and how to reach them. We do this for you effectively.

Track Visitor’s Journey

Discover the entire customer journey from tracking calls. This will help you to understand market trends and know what leads to a call. You can plan an effective business strategy afterward.

Real-Time Reporting

Our online call tracking software gives you real-time reporting and notifications. We provide you the call history and via what the call came. We keep you updated about the real-time call log.

No Need for Data Scientist

We analyze and optimize your real-time call tracking reports. Therefore you don't need to hire a data scientist. From the explorative reports we make a smooth call management system for you.

Integrate with Marketing Softwares

We connect you easily with marketing software and e-commerce. Our call tracking system integrates with CRMs like Facebook or Google Ads. Thus you can follow the leads from these contacts.

Save Budget and Time

Our call tracking service saves both your money and time. We get you keywords and leads that can generate you, customers, in the market. You help you to improve your return on investment (ROI).

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How We Work

  • Unique Call Tracking Number
  • Publicity of the Number
  • Customer Calls You
  • Record the Calls
  • Collect the Data
  • Analyze the Data
  • Study Result of Ad Campaigns
  • Suggest Best Ad Campaign