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American Best IT Ltd. offers a specialized Online Video Marketing Service that allows you to expand your business to the fullest potential. We've developed unique strategies in order to stand out in this competitive market. Over the years of developing successful initiatives, we have established our own unique procedures and facilities that make us a prominent business enterprise in Bangladesh in this service industry.

Online Video Marketing Services in Dhaka

An Eminent Marketing Service

At present videos are increasing a company's brand recognition & awareness in different online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Videos take your marketing activities to the next level and help your customers to know your business better.

Therefore American Best IT Ltd. is providing Online Video Marketing Service which is the most versatile & engaging format of marketing now. It can eventually help you to generate more leads & gain loyal customers.

An Eminent Marketing Service

Why Choose Us?

Expert Video Marketers

Our employees with strong marketing knowledge and experience will provide the best online video marketing service for your target audience to increase your reach. We've skilled employees who're responsible for their job & dedicated to offering you the best service.

Appropriate Insights

Our experts are working in this field for years, so we're familiar with the essential techniques to gain customer loyalty. Our insightful tactics will hook your audience to the videos & create awareness about your brand appropriately. Without expert insights it's difficult to lead in this diverse market.

Cost-Effective Service

Our services help you to step ahead from others without harming your budget. With American Best IT you can easily get your job done in a cost-effective way. Our specialists in content-making will make sure your clients and your wallet both are happy.

Sustainable Approach

By hiring us as your video marketing service provider, we'll ensure that our contents & marketing strategies are sustainable enough to meet your long term goals. We'll provide you fresh & relevant content that'll help your business sustain better.

Quality Service

The American Best IT Ltd. team is committed & aimed at making the perfect Marketing Campaign. Keeping up with quality on these social media platforms is extremely important and our rigorous team will study and make sure that the videos bring value for your company.

Quick Project Delivery

Our team is completely committed to providing the service you want in no time. Your service team may not have time to create marketing content, so you need us to support it. We're very responsive to your queries & one call away to offer you our useful services.

How We Operate Our Business?

Frequently Asked Question About Online Video Marketing

Give me a little understanding of digital marketing?
Digital marketing is nothing but a collective effort of business development, marketing, and technology team in an organization that utilizes all the possible digital media channels, devices as well as internet and online-based marketing funnels to communicate with prospecting audiences.
Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing
  • Better at understanding return on investment ROI
  • The most measurable form of marketing
  • Fully adjustable with given budget
  • Digital marketing increase brand awareness
  • Allows to target right customers
  • Improves your conversion rate
  • Global reach
What are the common categories of digital marketing?
Now a days, there are so many ways to do digital marketing, but in general; we can call the following main categories as digital marketing types: • Search Engine Optimization, • Search Engine Marketing (PPC), • Affiliate Marketing • Social Media Marketing, • Content (Copy, Audio, Video) Marketing, • Email Marketing, • Mobile Marketing, • Marketing Analytics.
What exactly does a digital marketer do?
In broad term, any digital marketer takes care of digital communications with customers using the website, social media channels to generate leads and build brand awareness.
Can i do my own digital marketing?
Definitely Yes! Before starting you have to learn digital marketing first. Then you can start creating a solid digital strategy for your business. There are many online courses nowadays, where you'll get some nice digital marketing courses. But the answer is, you have to do some solid R&D as well to get results.
Working with Agency Vs. Hiring in house?
In house professionals vs hiring digital agency is a matter of dispute. Both have pros and cons.
Digital marketing agencies have solid expertise on the following: skilled, industry insights, outsider perspective, and scalable at services. On the other Going In House has deeper understanding about the business, team, mission and they are very much focused on the marketing goal.
Is internet marketing costly?
Digital marketing costs vary based on the business goal you have. All the given pricing and budget should be given following the size of your company and the scale of your sale target. We can give you an average cost idea of the integrated digital marketing budget for small and medium-scale businesses ranges from BDT 10,000.00 to BDT 120,000.00 per month.

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